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All Shiny and new!!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED internet home of Kandansk.

I've been working most of my spare time over the last month developing this new internet home for Kandansk. While it's a work in progress, I'm sure you've seen one HUGE change.....The standards. That's right, for the time being, I've decided to focus on the miniature breeding program. HOWEVER... our standard legacy lives on in our 3 males; Rave, Beckham and Kaulder. These 3 boys encompassed 25 years of breeding standards.

But this is NOT good-bye to our standards.

My goal is to be on the search for the perfect girl in a few years. So this is not a permanent, hard stop...this is a pause. With that said, both Rave and Beckham remain at stud to purebred standard poodles bitches of merit. Kaulder is still too young, and will become available when all health testing is done. Check out the STANDARDS drop down, for more information on each of them!!!

Check back often for updates on how our dogs are doing in the show ring and in performance. As well to see the ever changing evolvement of our new website!!

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