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Our philosophy 

Just because a dog could be bred, doesn’t mean he/she SHOULD be bred. 
There are many checks and balances we have set for ourselves, that all the dogs must meet before being bred. 

#1 - The 3 Strike rule

With the breed standard always in the back of our mind, each dog in our breeding program is considered and compared against the breed standard. If there are 3 things about the conformation of the dog that we don’t consider ideal, then that dog (regardless of how sweet of a personality) will not be bred. Most times these reasons will seem meaningless to most, but as a breeder striving to improve the breed, these are the blue print to which we aim to achieve.  We always aim to improve the breed with each generation.

#2 - Health Testing

If ANY one single health test is failed, that dog won’t be bred.  Dogs who are carriers for a potential disease will NOT be bred to another carrier, as a result no puppies can be affected. If a dog fails hips, elbows or patellas (knees) or deemed “affected” for any of the genetic tests, then the dog won’t be bred.  

For any 1 puppy we might keep for ourselves for showing and further development of our breeding program, there are a number of other puppies in a litter who go to loving forever homes.  We could not in good conscience knowingly breed a dog that could produce a lifelong health problem in its offspring.   Aside from known, predictable and preventable health issues, there is always the risk of the unknown. We cannot know definitively how 2 recessive genes (that there are no tests for) are going to line up, but we try our best to not knowingly produce issues. 

#3 Temperament

Any dog who shows excessive temperament issues (aggressive or timid) will not be bred.  Miniature poodles typically have a very charismatic and comical personality.   We take every opportunity to expose our puppies to a multitude of scenarios and sounds, a puppy (who grows into an adult) who doesn’t depict that of a true miniature poodle temperament, will not be bred.  

We utilized ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and puppy culture protocols during the development and early weeks of a puppies life.  These foundations help all puppies adapt to new environments and prepare them for a life as a well adjusted member of their families.  

Temperament tests are completed at 49 days (7 weeks) old, to assess their personalities, to assist us in placing puppies in homes that will be best suited for them.  Structural evaluations are completed around 8 weeks old.  These evaluations are a snap shot into what each puppy should develop into as an adult, and what qualities they demonstrate when compared to the breed standard.

An adult, if after all potential exposures and proper upbringing, still doesn't demonstrate a proper poodle temperament, the dog won't be bred.

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