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Preservation and heritage breeder of Miniature Poodles

Kandansk was established in 1997 by Kathryn and Mogens Albrecht with the acquisition of their first standard poodle, after 25 years, in 2022 the was kennel taken over by Natasha Taphorn.  Natasha was their handler since the beginning, and then brought on as co-breeder.  Now solely operated by Natasha, with a continued philosophy of breeding healthy, well adjusted, smart and beautiful examples of the breed.

Currently, Kandansk is focused on the Miniature variety, however, the love of the Standard variety, may see a turn back in that direction in the future.  There are a few standard breeders in the area who actively have the Kandansk line as well we still have 3 studs available for breeding.

Proud Member of:

The Canadian Kennel Club

Poodle Club of Canada

Poodle Club of Alberta

Battle River Canine Association

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